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Why I Designed the Goals Playbook

by Greg Twemlow

We’re always finding ways to do more. The buzzword today is hustle. Go out there, chase after your goal, and make connections. Only then, can you make your mark. Yet at a certain point, fatigue sets in. There’s only so much that can be done. No matter how productive or effective you are, there are a maximum of 24 hours in a day. There’s only so much that we can healthily optimize for. More problematically, our decision making hasn’t caught up with the abundance of information and choices that we have available to us. We put off making decisions—we decide to not decide—and instead pursue all the opportunities in front of us (sometimes referred to as “ready, fire, aim”.). The approach is well and good until one reaches the saturation point, where there’re too many choices for us to reasonably pursue. At that point in time, we’re burned out and likely confused. Trade-offs are necessary when you are at full capacity. Every action carries an opportunity cost; sometimes that opportunity cost may be greater than the cost of inaction itself.

In our lives, simplicity is the key to almost everything, no matter what aspect of your life you’re focusing on. Keeping things reduced to the minimum viable effort, whether that’s an actual product or something intangible like an idea or strategy, is essential to maintain focus and communicate effectively to family, friends, employees, customers and generally any stakeholder. That means coming up with a concise plan you believe in and can easily convey to your collaborators. The layout of Goals Playbook© is 3x3 grouped by Drivers, Status and Plan. 9 cells that together form your Playbook explaining the context to anyone who you invite to collaborate.

Happy planning and please get in touch if you have feedback or questions.

About the author:

For my work as a coach, I draw on 30 years in business, working with large corporates and pure startups, in Australia and all over the world including Asia. I've created companies, helped startups grow and I've helped people make the crucial decisions about their career direction.

Greg Twemlow is also the founder and director of SEVENmile Venture Lab, a for-purpose enterprise supporting the entrepreneurial community on Sydney’s northern beaches.

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